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個展 Solo exhibition
原地打轉 Idling - Tong Gallery + Projects / Beijing China

The five new works exhibited in ldling devotedly records the tracks and changes of my thinking in year 2015 and 2016. The exhibition also continues the main axis of my long term concern: How does politics and culture influence individual lifeat all levels, no matter daily life, spiritual life or values etc.


For the key work “China-China”in this exhibition, I found two actors in Beijing to shoot and they didn’t know the contents and lines until the Action moment. Finally they came out with 105 minutes’ improvisational acting in one take. They tried their bestto apply all kinds of emotions, movements and methods to demonstrate China thatthey perceive. In the end, I parallel the two separate videos by itself. The random, unpredictable interpretation and rhythm of two videos sometimes reply to each other, sometimes quarrel with each other, and thus formulate an endless dialectics. Through their acting and experience, they also explore all the possibilities behind two characters 中and 国, no matter historically culturally or politically. As time progresses, the difference between inner reality and performing interpretation of the actors has become more and more obscure.


In my first solo show in China, China has unavoidably become the objective of my research.Regardless of the contradictions and conflicts resulting from the complex historical and political relations, born in Taiwan, “China” has always been a familiaryet giant and strange existence for me. The entire exhibition is like a mirror,it truly reflects my anxiety and contradictions about national and cultural identity during my exploration. The more I try to see the whole picture the more complex and obscure it gets.

「原地打转」中展出的五件新作品忠实地纪录了我2015年到2016年这两年裡创作思考的轨迹与改变,整个展览也延续著我长期创作中的主轴 - 政治与文化是如何影响著个人生活,不论是日常/ 精神/价值观...等各层面上。


这 次展览中的主要作品「中国 中国」我在北京找了两个演员拍摄,演员们事先并不知道将要表演的内容与唯一允许说的台词直到开机的那一刻, 作品最后呈现的是一百零五分钟ㄧ镜到底的即兴演出。影像中的男女在一百零五分钟内尽其所能的用不间断地用各种情绪, 动作与方式来演译他们所认知的「中国」,两个影像是分开拍摄的,最后我把两个影像并置, 双方随机不可预期的诠释/节奏时而像对答时而像争吵,对我而言这样的关系产生了一个永无止尽的辩证,也藉由他们两的表演和自身的经验发掘著「中」「国」这 两个字背后包含的所有可能性,不论是历史、文化、政治⋯ 同时随著时间进展,演员们逐渐显露出真实情绪的「真实性」与表演的「诠释」的也分野越来越模糊。

在我大陆的首次个展中,「中国」成了不可迴避的研究主体。撇除掉长期因为历史与政治上的 複杂关系所产生的矛盾与衝突,对于成长在台湾的我,「中国」像是非常熟悉却又庞大陌生的存在,整个展览也像是一面镜子真实反映了我寻找过程中对于国家与文 化认知上的的焦虑与矛盾,我越试著想看清全貌但一切却越来越複杂模糊...

原地打轉展覽現場 1
原地打轉展覽現場 2
原地打轉展覽現場 3
原地打轉展覽現場 4
原地打轉展覽現場 5
原地打轉展覽現場 6
原地打轉展覽現場 7
原地打轉展覽現場 8
原地打轉展覽現場 10

Little Eye - before & after 


Digital print
120cm x 95cm

Greatful-Glorious-Absolutely… 偉大的光榮的正確的 



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