Parellel Solo exhibition

​八月十五 朱駿騰個展

August 15th

7 channels video 12 tracks sounds mutimedia installation 

12:05 minutes (loop)




12:05 分鐘 (無限循環)

朱駿騰 而它來去匆匆 劇照 7.jpg

And It Came to Pass

5 channels video 5.2 sounds multimedia installation 

14:30 minutes (loop)

Music and Sound Design:SHENG



14:30 分鐘 (循環)


“And It Came to Pass”   ◎  Chu ChunTeng

Shot in Chongqing, China by Chun-Teng Chu in 2019, “And It Came to Pass”  is an immersive five-channel video installation that shows the progression of life through local everyday scenarios. The visual narrative presents common ordinary scenes accompanied by environmental sounds.


Chongqing is made to appear like a flood-like giant loop and embedded within are individual snippets that are interconnected yet unfolding in parallel to one another, including men that are leisurely swimming in the buff in the Yangtze River; captive sea turtles in the corner of a shopping center; couples embracing in a dance club; and a woman moving in between buildings... Without an objective and an end point, these everyday scenes are like fleeting images that only exist momentarily.


Juxtaposed with silhouettes of workers in the city, Chu uses a long shot to film one porter, so-called “Bang Bang” by locals, that are standing by and waiting. “Bang Bang” refers to a unique group of strolling porters in Chongqing, relying on a bamboo pole to construct Chongqing’s transportation network. The man in this channel appears like a silent spectator, as the scene subtly unveils the profession’s state of decline.


For Chu, “And It Came to Pass”  does not focus on the discussion of the local historical context, nor does it merely expound the observations and annotations on China or Chongqing; it highlights conundrums, which have been collectively evoked by society, which are faced by individuals, as it employs a subtle and vague approach to consider how life’s intrinsic spirits are refined through hardship.      

「 而它來去匆匆」 ◎朱駿騰

「 而它來去匆匆為朱駿騰於2019年至重慶所拍攝的作品,運用五頻錄像裝置展現沉浸式的氛圍,透過當地生活的日常片段勾勒生命流動的情狀。影像敘事線由最日常不過的場景、環境聲響建構而成






對朱駿騰而言,「 而它來去匆匆不著眼於在地歷史脈絡的討論,也不單是闡述對於中國或重慶的觀察與註解,而是關注個體面對現實社會集體產生的困頓,並以細膩隱微的手法思考,如何在困境之中提煉生命的內在精神性。