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2017 August 15th

Would you ?



Chu ChunTeng x Ding Shinwei

mutimedia installation 

used soccer shoes, smelly sock, marriage ring 

朱駿騰 X 丁世偉



Hangzhou artist residency project - I am fine thank you...and you?


in " I am fine thank you...and you?" this residency project, started by the first site specific installation " I am fine thank you...and you" ,  which I made it by personal dirty laundry ( I  didn't have time to deal during my residency period ) within the empty space , it also became the first sentence of the project , in following 15 days I invited all local artist the join , participance can use any media/form/space to response no-matter title or media of existing work. trough time and more artist to join, I intended to turn whole space becoming the private space where artist can communicate and discuss by each other's work (response ) 

Eventually I wanna re-create the experience I had everyday when i hand out and discuss with these local artist, it also like the visualization progress of our creativite  mind


杭州駐地創作對話實驗—「I am fine thank you...and you?」


在「I am fine, thank you...and you?」 這個計劃中,空蕩蕩的展場與駐地空間由駐地藝術家朱駿騰用駐地期間來不及清洗的貼身衣物現地製作的裝置作品「I am fine , thank you...」 拋出了第一句話,在接下來展期的15天中邀請杭州當地的藝術家用輕鬆即興的方式加入對話,參與的藝術家可以自由地運用各種媒材/方式/空間,針對現場的作品/標題/材質進行回應或是不回應,隨著時間參與作品/對話的增加,朱駿騰企圖把展覽空間重新還原成藝術家們個人與作品私密交流的場域


I am fine Tank you... and you?


mutimedia installation 

Broken hanger, tape, dirty laundry

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