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Aesop's Bat

Animal Bone, Crystal, Marble, Gofun, PVC,
Dimensions Variable



動物骨骼,水晶, 大理石, 胡粉,PVC


In a world that is constantly changing, how should we deal with those things that change/don’t change? Two stories in Aesop’s Fables reveal how bats have adapted to their own physical features and lifestyle over the years and the very different ways they have been viewed in societies and cultures.

What is a bat? In terms of appearance and natural evolution, the bat appears to be a combination of different animal characteristics. Its head looks like a pig, its body like a mouse, and its wings like a bird, but it has webbed feet like a frog. Even its skeleton is hollow to facilitate flight.

The work Aesop’s Bats takes the evolutionary characteristics of bats as its starting point, collecting the bones from different parts of various animals and combining them to create different-sized bat skeletons. This creates a harmonious visual structure, but is chaos-based creation derived from biological evolution. How will Aesop’s bats look as they soar into the sky? Moreover, how should we present our existence as individuals in a changing society?

" 伊索的蝙蝠" 這個作品從《伊索預言》兩篇關於蝙蝠的故事展開,揭示了蝙蝠長期因應自身的構造與型態,在不同的社會、時代、文化詮釋下迥異的處境。





The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat

The Birds waged war with the Beasts, and each were by turns the conquerors. The Bats, fearing the uncertain issues of the fight, always fought on the side which they felt was the strongest: when the Bats saw the Birds getting the better of it, they claimed they can fly that they were Birds for all there was in it; when the tide of battle turned, they immediately said that they and the Beasts were looked so alike that they sided with the Beasts.


 When the battle was over, peace was proclaimed, the conduct of the Bats was discussed at the peace conference, and it was apparent to both Birds and Beasts. Therefore being condemned by each for their treachery, the Bats were chased and driven forth from the light of day, and henceforth concealed themselves in dark hiding-places, flying always alone and at night.


  He winds up friendless who plays both sides against the middle.



The Bat and the Weasels


A Bat who fell upon the ground and was caught by a Weasel pleaded to be spared his life. The Weasel refused, saying that he was by nature the enemy of all birds. The Bat assured him that he was not a bird, but a mouse, and thus was set free.


Shortly afterwards the Bat again fell to the ground and was caught by another Weasel, whom he likewise entreated not to eat him. The Weasel said that he had a special hostility to mice. The Bat assured him that he was not a mouse, but a bat, and thus a second time escaped.


It is wise to turn circumstances to good account.



Installation View:  2014 Taipei Biennial , Taipei Fine Art Museum

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