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“My Name is Little Black” 



mix media installation

native Taiwanese myna bird, speakers, cctv camera






installation view

installation view: Taipei Art Prize, Taipei Fine Art Museum


“Little Black” is an native Taiwanese “Crested Myna” (speaking bird) that has been trained in speaking. In the installation, there are 8 speakers surrounding the bird and the birdcage. Every 10 second, each speakers would separately play the phrase “My name is little black” in different languages (with specific pronunciation and interpretation according to different culture). With the characteristic and expectation of that the bird would respond and mock the sounds it hears, this work becomes a training devise that teach the “Little Black” to say its name in different languages.


Each languages, I tried to include the countries or tribes, domestically or abroad, deeply influenced Taiwan, historically, culturally, or politically. In total 25 languages/countries ranged from Portugal, which first found Taiwan in Western history, to Japan, the US, China, South Asia, Hakka, and Taiwan aboriginal resident. But, can “Little Black” learn all these languages? This is an experiment for me as well. Maybe at last “Little Black”will keep responding what he has learned before causing speaking in different content. Meanwhile, I expect the possibility that he could learn the languages, even mix-used the languages.


Through this work, I tried to re-present the complicated factors and struggles of Taiwan 400 years history, providing a possibility and way to introspection.



全部24種語言裡,我試圖括台灣四百年歷史中不論對內對外,在歷史上, 文化上、政治上…深深影響台灣的國家或族群,從世界歷史上第一個發現台灣的葡萄牙到日本、美國、中國、閩南、客家、原住民…但最後八哥鳥小黑是否可以通通學會? 對我而言也像是一個實驗,或許最後小黑只會不斷回應著牠以前學過的話造成不斷雞同鴉講的情況,但同時間我也預期著學成的可能性,甚至是不同語言混合情況。


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