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“Rescue Mission No.1” 


Mix media installation

Bonsai, binocular, table lamp,

Dimensions variable





‘Rescue Mission No.1”  was the first work I made in London, it reflect my very beginning introspection about myself and “Taiwan” since I moved in UK, it also inspaired me to awared of the issues such “Other”, “cultural identity crisis”, “post-colonization” which can been offtently seen within my practices afterward. I put the bonsai tree on top of studio partition in first floor (most margin and high corner which noone can reach)., As a result of the distance between the audience and the bonsai, the audience cannotcouldn’t see the bonsai clearly,, they have to go to balcony and use the binoculars to observe it. Finally if audiences observe carefully they will see there is a tiny note what is written “I am fine, thank you”


Key words: Gaze, Distance, Position, Other, Taiwan,

「救援計畫一號」是我到倫敦後做的第一件作品,它反映了我倫敦後對於自身還有台灣的重新反思,也開啟了我後來一系列作品對於它者、文化身分認同與後殖民的討論。當時盆栽擺放的位置是在工作室一樓的隔板上(工作室最高最邊緣的角落),因為高度還有距離的關係, 觀眾需要從二樓的陽台上用望遠鏡才能清楚觀察,最後如果觀眾夠仔細將會看到盆栽上有個寫著「I am fine, thank you」的小紙條。


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